Friday, April 22, 2022


It's beyond disappointing that today, Earth Day, the LaX Tribune chose to highlight a story about decades' old environmental issues and totally ignore the extreme crisis we face right now from a rapidly heating planet. Yes, the climate crisis is mentioned in the first sentence, but then off we go into bedtime story land when all men lived as brothers and nothing bad will ever happen.

I beg to differ. We are on the edge of an unlivable Earth.

Demand CLIMATE CRISIS COVERAGE every day. We should understand as much about how close we are to the edge (close!) as we do about how high school sports teams are doing, shouldn't we?

This means we could possibly stay at or below 1.5° of warming, but it's not likely on our current path.

This is the truth of the situation no matter how successful a previous environmental movement was.

And this is one reason stories about past victories are no longer valid.


This Earth Day, call out the Tribune for spreading happy news instead of telling people what is really happening and how to take action:

Elect climate champions (good luck)

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