Thursday, June 08, 2023

Speak up NOW! Criminalizing living

A friend pointed me to this FB post by Kevin about a City Council quick move to criminalize sleeping in parks. Please attend TONIGHT or at least email your comments.

I personally have slept in parks, but because I own a car-suit, it has not been a problem. In fact, our city spends tons of money subsidizing car sleeping spaces where someone with a car or boat, camper, motor home, canoe or bike rack, utility trailer or other wheeled thing may rest at will, sometimes for many days or weeks at a time.

If you don't own or can't afford a car-suit or a home or apartment or room, then where are you supposed to sleep? Where are services for those with nothing? 

This is a world-wide challenge as the wealth gap increases exponentially and housing, food, and health services become unaffordable luxuries.

Others are finding solutions. In some places, simple basic housing and support programs have made a huge difference. In some places, building or repurposing vacant retail space into housing for those without has made a huge difference.

But, banning sleeping is not humane and not a solution. Please speak up.

And, by the way, this has to be related to the budget the city is about to pass. Are there any items for homeless services in there?

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