Monday, September 18, 2023

A Healthcare Conversation

Do you have a healthcare story or just care about healthcare in Wisconsin? Please come share your story in person or on zoom. Find out how Citizen Action of Wisconsin is working to transform healthcare for Wisconsinites.

Join Citizen Action of Wisconsin for
A Healthcare Conversation in the Driftless

Thursday, Sept 28th - 5:30-7:00 p.m.

UU Fellowship, 401 West Avenue South, La Crosse

or join us via Zoom!

Have you had a frustrating healthcare experience? A bill you didn’t understand? Numerous calls with providers and insurance companies where things don’t get resolved? High medical debt? 
We want to hear your story! 
Join us for a discussion on healthcare in Wisconsin and hear about how one woman is standing up against unfair practices. When we come together to share our stories, we start to build the power we need to fix our broken healthcare system and put Care Over Cost

Citizen Action member Lori Toso wants to stop this from happening to other folks.  She has taken on the challenge and dedicated over 80 hours working with her insurance company and her healthcare provider to find out why she isn’t receiving the benefits her family works and pays for. After five months and all her work, she still hasn’t had resolution and is stuck with a huge bill.

Healthcare systems and Insurance companies know most people don’t have the time to wait on hold or sift through the mountains of paperwork.  We work hard for access to healthcare and insurance is expensive. Yet so often complicated bills, overcharges and denied claims leave us with high medical debt.  Lori is taking on this fight not only for her family but for all of those families that can’t.

We believe that health systems in Wisconsin have a systemic problem with billing issues including improper coding, overcharging, lack of transparency, incomplete review processes and unfair collection practices.
We will also discuss:
  • Citizen Action of Wisconsin statewide efforts around a Badgercare Public Option bill that will offer a lower cost healthcare option to Wisconsinites and Wisconsin employers with fewer than 50 employees!
  • Healthcare as a commodity
  • Unfair charges on ACA covered wellness visits
  • Future actions against other healthcare systems, insurance xompanies, and greedy pharmaceutical companies
  • Fair Share medical deficits in our state (when healthcare systems don’t live up to their charity obligation to maintain non-profit status)

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