Saturday, September 02, 2023

A raffle, a plan

This raffle is open to anyone. First prize is an e-bike or cash. Second prize is a B&B stay with spending money. You need not be present at the 10/21 drawing to win. The money raised is for a good cause.


If you're not gearing up to vote for the sane candidates in 2024 , help others vote, and do whatever you can to make sure we are not participants in the end of America as we know it, you have not been paying attention.

For the past few months, news outlets have reported on a comprehensive 180-day plan being cooked up by a right-wing think tank, The Heritage Foundation, that would immediately jerk the country into Republihell should #TFG or one of his sycophants win the presidential election in 2024. 

Project 2025 (you can read it online) would double down on the unprecedented changes made after Trump took office in 2017--filling public service positions with partisan ideologues, packing courts with Federalist Society hacks, using laws to benefit wealthy cronies' businesses, selling off public assets to the highest bidders, and weaponizing programs against the vulnerable groups they were set up to protect. And forget about climate action.

Here's a description of some of the environmental changes in store if P25 gets its way from The Guardian:

The guide’s chapter on the US Department of Energy proposes eliminating three agency offices that are crucial for the energy transition, and also calls to slash funding to the agency’s grid deployment office in an effort to stymie renewable energy deployment, E&E News reported this week.

The plan, which would hugely expand gas infrastructure, was authored by Bernard McNamee, a former official at the agency. McNamee was also a Trump appointee to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. He previously led the far-right Texas Public Policy Foundation, which fights environmental regulation, and served as a senior adviser to the Republican senator Ted Cruz.

Another chapter focuses on gutting the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and moving it away from its focus on the climate crisis. It proposes cutting the agency’s environmental justice and public engagement functions, while shrinking it as a whole by terminating new hires in “low-value programs”, E&E News reported. The proposal was written Mandy Gunasekara, who was the former chief of staff at the EPA under Trump.

The guide also features a chapter on the Department of the Interior written by William Perry Pendley, who controversially led the Bureau of Land Management under President Trump and worked to eliminate drilling regulations.

Now is the time to pay attention. If you were afraid the current administration isn't doing enough to stop drilling and fracking and subsidies for fossil fuel companies, wait 'til the other guys take control. Or do something now.

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