Saturday, December 23, 2023

Taking a break.

 But, everything must change.

“If animal agriculture were phased out over 15 years and all other greenhouse-gas emissions were to continue unabated, the phase-out would create a 30-year pause in net greenhouse gas emissions and offset almost 70 percent of the heating effect of those emissions through the end of the century.”

Animal ag is not only bad for global heating, it's bad for animals, especially species on the extinction escalator

Transportation is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than any other sector. Cars and light trucks make up more than half of transportation sector emissions. Are you driving a fossil-fueled vehicle? Stop. Just stop. Or at least cut back. Walk. Ride a bike. Take the bus. Share your ride and trips with others. Take the train or a bus for long distance travel. Stop flying. 

If the systems that help you reduce transportation-related emissions don't work for you, use your power/voice/privilege to insist that they improve. If they don't work for you, they don't work for a lot of people. Help improve the systems.

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