Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Linda Clifford Needs Your Help!

Linda Clifford is a Madison attorney running against for Wisconsin State Supreme Court Judge. Clifford has been endorsed by four previous governors, Republicans and Democrats and by many progressive Wisconsin leaders.

Her opponent, Annette Ziegler, has been endorsed by Wisconsin "Right to Life and received a big boost in the primaries with unaccountable "issue ads" from Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce and the right-wing, Wisconsin Club for Growth.

Linda Clifford doesn't have rich Republicans spending money for her campaign. She needs us to write letters to the editor; talk to our friends, co-workers and relatives; and help with canvassing and leafletting.

This weekend, volunteers are needed to help with canvassing and leafletting. Remember, this is an open seat on a state Supreme Court that is already tilted to the right. This is important!

If you can help, please email the local coordinator to get more information.

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