Monday, March 05, 2007


[from PDA]

With the Democratic leadership signaling weakness and half-hearted amendments aimed at undermining the surge but not the war, our coalition is phoning in a loud and clear message: NO MORE FUNDING FOR WAR. VOTE NO ON THE SUPPLEMENTAL. BRING OUR TROOPS HOME AND OUT OF IRAQ’S CIVIL WAR!

Please use the special number into Congress, 1-888-851-1879. Read more below!

When you call your Senate and Congressional offices, politely tell them one or two of the following points:

* Most Iraqis – both Sunni and Shia -- want US troops out of their country and most believe attacks on our troops are justified.
* US military force is no solution in Iraq – especially given the tainted rationales for invading Iraq, cultural gaps, Abu Ghraib, etc. Diplomacy, not war, is the solution.
* The American people at the polls in November and in opinion polls have expressed their view that the US needs to get out. Four years is enough!
* With its Constitutionally-granted "power of the purse," Congress has the duty to end the war by cutting off war funding, except what’s needed for the prompt, safe, orderly withdrawal of all our troops.

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