Thursday, January 08, 2009

More last minute notice

From the Tribune:
The Wisconsin Department of Transportation will take public comment in La Crosse today on its draft long-range transportation plan, Connections 2030. A public meeting will be held from 5 to 8 p.m. at the UW-La Crosse Cartwright Center. Area residents are invited to attend to learn about the plan, ask questions and submit comments. The DOT also welcomes comments and questions via phone at (608) 266-8108, or on the Connections 2030 Web site at Comments will be received until Feb. 27.

The draft plan summary includes:

Support BICYCLE and PEDESTRIAN facilities and plans.:
*Increase accommodations along state trunk highways, where feasible, to develop a connected bike and pedestrian network
* Expand the federal “complete streets” policy to state funded projects
* Continue to implement the state’s bike and pedestrian plan goals

* Support public, specialized and human services transit.
* Work with partners to ensure that adequate funding is available for existing transit systems and improve coordination among providers
* Seek new funds for rural and regional transit systems to improve coordination between the state’s transit systems
* Improve intercity bus service and connections.
* Promote intercity bus service that links urban and rural areas, and connects to other modes
* Establish a state program to fund service, improve station facilities and purchase new buses

* Support development of fixed-guideway transit systems.
* Continue state funding for studies and implementation
* Recommend new, separate operating funds for new fixed-guideway transit systems receiving state assistance, and develop a capital and operating assistance program in
major metropolitan areas
* Increase intercity passenger rail service.
* Continue to improve intercity passenger rail service by supporting existing service and implementing the state’s component of the 3,000-mile Midwest Regional Rail System
* Establish a rail station capital assistance program for existing buildings and constructing new stations, and promote connections with other modes such as local and interregional bus, taxi and air service
* Consider opportunities »to extend intercity
passenger rail service to areas of the state not identified in the Midwest Regional Rail System.

Most important (to me):
Encourage transportation demand strategies.
*Encourage alternatives »to driving alone by promoting ride sharing and telecommuting, providing more transportation service choices and improving modal connections
* Integrate transportation demand management strategies and corridor management

There's more at the link above. And/Or attend tonight's public meeting. Maybe in a few decades our public transportation system will begin to meet the needs of the last century!

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