Saturday, January 31, 2009


Thanks to all who worked on and attended the 2009 Coulee Progressives State of the Union!

Planning committee: Kevin, Jessica, RoZ and Obbie, Hank, Guy, Cathy
Flyer: Obbie
Venue: Concodia Ballroom
Soup & Salad: RoZ, Guy, Jess, Cathy, Kevin
Bread donation: Fayze's Restaurant
Guest speaker: Ben Manski
Speaker host: Hank
Emcee: Obbie
Year in Review: Guy (and Kevin?)
Power cord for projector: anonymous angel!

Thanks to everyone else for attending, networking, sharing, bringing great desserts, bringing food donations, helping to set up and helping to clean up!

By tomorrow, we will try to have links/contact info for all groups represented at the Community Fair in case you missed someone.

Please help us make this event bigger and better (yes, bigger IS better in this case) next year by completing the survey!

Please feel free to add your comments!

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