Tuesday, August 05, 2014

The importance of paying attention

I have been told that people are planning to come to the screening of CITIZEN KOCH this Thursday but they don't yet have tickets. If you know someone in this situation, please tell them not to come.


I was also told last week that people were calling the Marcus Cinema to get tickets.


If you believe we can get at least 60 people to come to another screening in September, please email couleeprogressive[at]hotmail.com and we can do another event. Or, a DVD and/or digital download with bonus material will be available this fall. You can purchase the film and show it to friends (but you will have to pay screening rights to show it to a crowd).

Several years ago, I tried working with the La Crosse Public Library to develop a collection of eye-opening (ie political) dvds for check out. The one I purchased for them - I think it was Fear and Favor in the Newsroom (still good and relevant for today) - ended up in their book sale about a year after I donated it to them. 

We need to pay more attention to what's important, how we are part of a problem and part of a solution, time lines, deadlines, and who's doing what to whom. But life is speeding by - the kids need to get ready for school, the meeting lasted too long, my water bill is due today, I'm out of eggs, the car needs an oil change, etc. and lots of things pass by that shouldn't.

Pay attention!

For example, today at 4:30 at the South Community Library is the first of three public meetings on the future of La Crosse's Public Libraries. Don't sit it out! Don't be a not-paying-attention (NPA) who stops by the South branch next winter and is surprised to see that it's been closed! 

And today from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. you can stop by the Bodega Brew Pub, 122 South 4th St. and meet our US Senator Tammy Baldwin who is holding a fundraiser there.

Here's PAY ATTENTION news fresh from the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, for example:

Money keeps rolling in for Walker
Governor Scott Walker raised more than a million dollars in July, building his cash advantage over presumptive Democratic nominee Mary Burke. Walker has raised more than $68 million over the years seeking the governor's office and then trying to keep the job, making him far and away the most prolific campaign fundraiser in Wisconsin history.
With next week's primary election just around the corner, we updated the Campaign 2014 feature on our website in recent days, and posted lists of the biggest donations to Walker and Burke in the first half of this year.

And what does all this money do to our democracy and our government? Forty charts speak volumes.

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