Monday, August 03, 2015

We're baaaaack (for BERNIE!)

What better reason to resurrect a PROGRESSIVE blog than to support a PROGRESSIVE candidate like Bernie Sanders?

So, here we go again!

Coulee Progressives will blog about Bernie and especially about the local Bernie efforts. We hope more voices can be involved this time!

We can start on a positive note! Here's the latest Get To Work! video from Bernie (btw, if you haven't yet signed up to work on the national campaign, that link will connect you with a handy online form you can complete). OR you can text WORK to 82623. 

Please spread the word about Bernie, especially his long record of working on the good stuff! This very nice diary from DailyKos Why all Americans should support Bernie Sanders. If you are looking for some history and profiles in courage, here you go. 

And, by the way, if you REALLY want to SPREAD THE WORD IN LA CROSSE (specifically at Cameron Park on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings), please USE THIS LINK to sign up for a slot!

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