Saturday, October 28, 2017

Focus on Healthcare

March for Health Round 3 SATURDAY 10/28/17 1-3pm Cameron Park

From Indivisible La Crosse:  Our goal is to show our legislators that the citizens of our compassionate community are committed to equal rights to healthcare. We live in a time when, somehow, health coverage has become a controversial issue, when our leadership has chosen to support private business interests in a for profit healthcare industry over human lives. To Indivisible La Crosse, this is not acceptable.

Healthcare is not a Democratic issue or a Republican Issue. Healthcare is a Human issue.

We March to demonstrate to our elected officials our continued belief in health coverage for all and in repairing the flaws of the Affordable Care Act.

More info on this event will be updated as we are able to put it together. For now, please mark your calendars and share this event. This is a follow up march to the April 1st, 2017 and July 8th, 2017 marches. We hope that we can bring in even more media to bring more light to this issue on a local and state level. Our other goal is to pull in more people and political leadership to discuss their views on healthcare coverage. 

SPEAKERS include Mike McCabe

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Affordable Healthcare Plans program is ALIVE and well ... it could be better but we still have it. A new Citizen Action report comparing premiums and payments required of those who enroll in Wisconsin and Minnesota notes that,
  • Wisconsin health insurance exchange premiums for single coverage will be on average 79% to 99% higher than premiums in Minnesota, before tax credits are applied. That is a difference of over $1,800 a year.

  •  The health insurance cost differential will be even worse for some major Wisconsin cities. Rates in La Crosse are 136% higher than the Minnesota average, rates in Eau Claire are 116% higher, and rates in Milwaukee are 112% higher.
This is what happens when ideology trumps everything, even people's lives. 

Because of concentrated and sometimes deliberate efforts to misinform people about the ACA, many don't realize that the program is still running, that they can still sign up for plans, that subsidies are still available for most people, and that free help is still available.

Raising Women's Voices is on it. They have produced a series of social media posts, flyers, fact sheets and brochures you can use to help get the word out. Why not print some out and stand near your neighborhood school or grocery store. Get a few friends together, make a couple of large signs, stand on a busy corner, and hand out brochures. They want it to fail. They've taken online enrollment offline on Sunday mornings when many church groups used to gather congregants to help sign people up. They've reduced the enrollment period. They've spread false information. So now it's up to all of us to do what we can..

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