Sunday, October 22, 2017

Progressives Caucus/Run for Something

First, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin Executive Committee has finally approved the new DPW Progressive Caucus strategic goals which means the DPW PC will be able to start meeting, planning, and acting to make our state and state party more progressive. Matthew La Ronge, the DPW PC chair reports, "As of less than a week ago the caucus strategic plan was approved by the DPW Executive Committee. Now that we are official, the executive committee of the caucus (which consists of Tammy Wood, Austin Kieler and me) will be discussing and deciding what committees within the caucus will be needed in order to ensure that our goals are achieved. Once committees are created, chairs for each committee will be elected. Chairs of each committee will have a seat on the executive committee of the caucus." Watch for a general meeting of the caucus some time this winter. You can follow the DPW PC on FB (for now - non-FB alternatives coming).

We need more people to join the party to provide more energy and momentum to update and improve it. The next La Crosse County Dem Party meeting (Monday, November 20 at 6:30 p.m. at the Ho-Chunk Three Rivers House, 8th and Main in La Crosse) is the most important of the year. Those who are or become party members by November 15 will be able to VOTE FOR A NEW BOARD. If you regularly work for, contribute to, and/or vote for Democratic Party candidates, please join the party so that you will have a say in who those candidates are and what priorities and policies they support.


The Onalaska School Board will begin accepting papers from potential candidates on Monday. It's not clear whether this is a special nomination period for those wishing to run in the November 28 recall electionn or whether the OCTOBER 31 deadline for papers is standard for annual board elections. Here's what their website says, "Citizens interested in running for the Board need to circulate nomination papers and file the campaign registration statement and declaration of candidacy no earlier than the conclusion of the Board meeting of October 23, 2017 and turned in no later than 5:00 p.m. October 31, 2017." So, if you are interested in running for the Ona School Board, get hopping because some papers need to be turned in by the end of the month. Read more at their website.


There will be three seats available on the La Crosse School Board this spring. There should be a potential candidate workshop scheduled soon (details coming) along with more information about how to file and run for that board. Watch for more details here and/or in local media or at the School Board's webpage.

We will soon have a page with info about running for local offices - links, deadlines, forms, etc. Watch for that resource and consider running for something in the spring. Also, there is a candidate training workshop scheduled for later this fall in Tomah. The more progressives we have on local boards and committees, the more experienced local leaders we will have to run for state and federal offices.

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