Friday, March 23, 2018

March Updates - Please Share

For more information contact Ben Morris, Gretchen Guinn Paquette, & Jacob Sciammas: (608) 403-5628 &

March and Rally to Stop Gun Violence March 24 in La Crosse.

The March and Rally Against Gun Violence planned for La Crosse on March 24th, 2018 will feature  school, religious, political and community leaders from the Coulee Region.

In La Crosse, the March Against Gun Violence starting at 12:30 from Burns Park (8th & Main St.) will be followed by a Rally at Cameron Park (5th & King St.) at 1:00pm.

This event is in conjunction with the national and international March for Our Lives that will be
occurring around the world on that date. The March for Our Lives events are a direct result of student activism to end gun violence after the high school shooting in Parkland Florida on Feb. 14th, 2018 that killed 17 students.

The Rally speakers are a cross section of political, religious and community leaders in western Wisconsin as well as students concerned about gun violence in schools.

Gretchen Guinn Paquette and Ben Morris; Welcome. Music by Bob Bovee.

1. Pastor Ben Morris; We can end gun violence and still be hunters.
2. Mayor Tim Kabat; There is no place for gun violence in La Crosse.
3. Betsy Riling; I want to teach in a safe school not an armed bunker
4. Father Konopa; What Catholicism teaches us about gun violence
5. Marley Richmond; I go to school to learn not to be shot at.
6. Prof. Richard Breaux; Guns, civil rights and race relations in America.
7. Libby Miller; Please keep guns out of schools.
8. Cheryl Hancock; It’s a bad idea to arm teachers.
9. Tara Johnson; Guns cost La Crosse taxpayers, families & children
10. Bishop Jim Arends; A little religion can go a long way to end gun violence.
11. Rep Jill Billings; Democrat proposals for gun safety in the Wisconsin Legislature.
12. Sister Laura Nettles; Gun violence hurts us in many ways.
13. John Havlicek; Teachers do not want to be armed.
14. Kate Nelson; Stop blaming people with mental health problems for gun violence.
15. Prof. Mike Smuksta; A little history on gun control in America.
16. Chris Clair; The truth about the Heller Decision and the 2nd amendment.
17. Dr. Mark Neumann & Dr. Bob Freedland; Guns and public health.
18. Sen Jennifer Shilling; Welcoming new voices and leaders on gun issues
19. Bishop Jay Lambert; The moral imperative for ending gun violence.
20. Gretchen Guinn Paquette; Moms Demand Action and you can too

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