Sunday, March 25, 2018

Moms Demand Action - next steps

From Moms Demand Action - La Crosse:

We were thrilled to see such a turnout for the March For Our Lives! What an inspiring day! It was a testament to what we can accomplish working together. 

Next up - complete the rest of our Asks! As discussed, some of us are shy on the phone. Sundays are a great time to call if you prefer leaving a message. A sample script for Ron Kind would be: "Hello, my name is x and I'm calling from La Crosse, WI. I am calling today to ask Ron Kind to return his NRA donations. I have voted for Representative Kind in the past, and I have been proud to do so. However, I cannot in good conscience continue to vote for anyone with blood on his hands. Please return the money, and do not accept more in the future. Thank you for listening." Of course, you can tweak the script to make it more personal! One office call is GREAT, but a call to all three numbers would be EVEN BETTER! We hope this script for Ask 5 gets your creative juices flowing for Asks 6 and 7! 

If you have questions, please email Moms Demand Action La Crosse leaders.

What can you do??
  1. Sign up for Mom's by texting "act" to 64433*
  2. Join our Facebook group, Moms Demand Action-WI. WE WILL BE DISMANTLING OUR LA CROSSE PAGE VERY SOON.
  3. Ask friends outside of La Crosse to join our meetings. We are located in La Crosse, but are happy to include smaller communities nearby.
  4. Ask our Representative, Ron Kind, to return his NRA donations. [Editor's note: According to Open Secrets, a campaign contribution database, Kind's last donation from the NRA, $4,900, came in 2010. His last donation from the National Shooting Sports Foundation, $2,500, came in 2016.] He can be reached at: (La Crosse phone) 608-782-2558 (fax) 608-782-4588 . His D.C. Phone number is (202) 225-5506 and fax is (202) 235-5739. His Eau Claire office phone number is (715) 831-9214*and fax is (715) 831-9272. A petition can be found at
  5. Contact our senators about the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act. This has already passed in the House, and is very dangerous! It would allow concealed carriers in one state to travel and conceal in another, essentially turning the weakest state laws into nationwide laws. Our Senators are Ron Johnson and Tammy Baldwin.     
Ron Johnson's D.C. Office phone is (202) 224-5323 and fax is (202) 228-6965
Milwaukee office phone is (414) 276-7282 and fax is (414) 276-7284      
Oshkosh office is (920) 230-7250 and fax is (920) 230-726.     

Tammy Baldwin's D.C. office phone is (202) 224-5653 
La Crosse office phone is (608) 796-0045 
Madison office phone is (608) 264-5338 
Milwaukee office phone is (414) 297-4451 
Green Bay office phone is (920) 498-2668 
Eau Claire office phone is (715) 832-8424 
Wausau office phone is (715) 261-2611

She does not have fax numbers listed for any of her offices per her website. 

Both Johnson and Baldwin have Facebook pages.

7.  Ask the chairs/members of the State Assembly Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety to immediately schedule a hearing on Assembly Bill 428. This bill would require the owner of a lost or stolen gun to report it missing within 24 hours of discovery. The Assembly Republican leadership has said that they are done and will not be coming back to session. If that is the case, this bill is dead for this session. They CAN come back, they just may not want to.
  Telephone numbers: (608) 266-1182 and (888) 534-0086
  Fax: (608) 282-3686

Telephone numbers: (608) 266-9175 and (888) 534-0059

Other members are: Ott, Jacque, Horlacher, Novak, Bernier, Krug, Goyke, Kessler, Zamarripa, and Crowley. Their contact information may be found at

8. Join a March for Our Lives on March 24. ✔️

9. Advocacy Day in the Capital is April 5! This is a chance to meet with our lawmakers to talk about gun legislation we do, and do not, support. Schedule is roughly from 8:45am- 2:30 pm, and includes training before you're expected to meet with lawmakers. Please talk to a Leader if seriously interested. There are ways to help remotely if you cannot physically be there.

We will send an email out when next month's meeting date/venue is secured! 

Thank you!
- La Crosse Leads

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