Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Vote - Here's why

In most municipalities in our area of Wisconsin, voters may cast ballots "absentee in person" in their clerk's office during the two weeks before election day. This week and next (through Friday, March 30) you can vote (contact your clerk for details). If you are volunteering to drive voters on election day (April 3) or have a busy schedule that day, it's a great way to vote in a less hectic environment and not worry about getting to the polls on time. You may also register to vote at your clerk's office or change your registration if needed.

If you want to REGISTER, you will need to supply PROOF OF RESIDENCE. Find the list of approved documents here.

For INFORMATION ABOUT VOTING - what's on your ballot, where do you vote, are you registered, etc - visit MyVote.WI.gov. Note that voters must supply an approved ID when they vote. For most of us that's a Wisconsin driver's license, but if you don't have one the list of approved documents is at BringIt.WI.gov. (If you need a Wisconsin ID for voting purposes, you may get one FREE OF CHARGE at the local DMV).

On the Wisconsin ballot are 
  • local office elections including county and school board positions
  • the state Supreme Court election (remember, Rebecca Dallet is the only candidate left in the race who is NOT endorsed by the National Rifle Association)
  • a state referendum on getting rid of the State Treasurer's office (so no one will be able to monitor where Scott Walker's government-cash-to-cronies program is sending our tax dollars) and 
  • a La Crosse county advisory referendum encouraging the county to support a constitutional amendment that specifies that money is not equal to speech and corporations are not people
Embarrassingly, many spring elections have super low turnouts and may let a few motivated people stick us with a bad Supreme Court justice for the next TEN YEARS. So, don't let this happen to us. Go and vote this week, next week, or on Tuesday, April 3. Take your friends and neighbors. Go with your co-workers over a lunch hour. 

And then start thinking about the next election - a primary for governor in August. Learn about the candidates and plan to actively support one of them (not the one we have now please) by volunteering, donating when you can, and helping to get out the vote. 

Here's one good reason to get active: Monday night's tele-town hall on INEQUALITY  presented by Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. 

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