Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Thursday - Budget watch

Governor Evers' Budget Address Watch Party
La Crosse for People Powered Democracy
On Thursday evening (2/28/2019), Governor Evers will make his 2019 Budget Address. 

Citizen Action of Wisconsin has invited watch parties all around our state. So far, there are eleven set up. We have one happening at our very own 

La Crosse Main Public Library, 800 Main Street
starting at 6:00 pm on Thursday
Please come and join with us  

Citizen Action is particularly concerned about achieving Badgercare Expansion for Wisconsin. This is an opportunity to learn more about this political action and to think about how we can help Governor Evers achieve the benefit of Medicaid Expansion for our state. 

If for no other reason, come and join with us to hear our governor speak, knowing that we are working together to make democracy happen.  None of us is alone in this effort because it only works when we work together. 

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