Monday, April 13, 2020

April 16 - Get on Board Day

Cross-posted from Coulee Region Sierra Club

National GET ON BOARD DAY is Thursday, April 16. On this day we thank the drivers and staff of public transportation systems; recognize the vital function public transportation plays in moving people to work, school, shopping, and appointments; and appreciate the vital role public transit plays in reducing transportation-related emissions.

This year because of stay at home orders, we can't have a big party, but we still want to show appreciation for those frontline workers who are making sure people can get to work, get groceries, and to important appointments. So, we encourage you to print out this graphic and take it to the bus stop near you when the bus will come by on Thursday, April 16 and wave to the driver to show your appreciation. If you want to write a letter to the editor or send a message of thanks via the MTU or SMRT Facebook pages or email OHWS Transit, do that, too!

We will hope to do something bigger when we are again able to gather and celebrate together. Please participate if you can! Here's the link to a PRINTABLE .PDF. Or click the graphic below to get a social media friendly graphic.

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