Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Republicans take extra time away

In an echo of Bush v. Gore and a preview of voter suppression to come, the U.S. Supreme Court took away the minimal extra time to vote granted by a federal court judge on Sunday.

If you have't yet voted absentee or if you've requested but not received an absentee ballot, your only voting choice is to go to the polls today. Before you go, look up your polling place at myvote.wi.gov because many polling locations have changed due to fewer poll workers. Wear a mask and gloves. Take your own black ballpoint pen. Some may be able to Vite from their cars.

If you HAVE an absentee ballot, it must be POSTMARKED by today if returned by mail. It MUST be witnessed. Or you may take and drop it off at the clerk's office. The MUST be a witness signature and full address on the envelope however you return it.

If you have not yet registered to vote, you will have to do that in person.

If you want to help call folks today to remind them to get their absentee ballots in, please contact Evan for instructions.

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