Sunday, June 21, 2020


City budget cuts that drastically affected the public library, park & rec, and other important city offices, services, and programs have not been forgotten. A group is organizing to ensure more transparency, more community involvement, and more diversity of experience and opinion going forward. Here's how you can get involved (from Heather Talbot, June 16).


Taking Notice, Acting Together is the name that has emerged for this community organizing effort. What does Taking Notice, Acting Together have to do with library funding, emergency budget cuts, or any of the myriad of issues folks from this group raised??? 🤔

Watch the June 16 Facebook session where that question is addressed and learn how YOU can get plugged in to specific work teams and tasks that fit your values, schedule, and commitment level.

Discussion included:
  • Priorities Survey outcomes
  • Short-term and long-term group goals
  • Share Work Teams that are forming and invite folks to join a team
  • Sign-ups for one-off/independent tasks
As always, share links and info far + wide. Anyone who wishes to help establish and maintain an ample and accessible infrastructure for citizen input at City Hall and beyond is welcome. 

Thank you,
Heather Ann Talbot

Sign up to work on an ACTION TEAM so we are not left out of the processes in the future. I know some have said our process is pretty open. I urge you to watch this short video, The Antidote to Apathy, and see if you can think of some ways the city could improve.

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