Friday, June 26, 2020

UPDATES: TID public hearing Monday AND Taking Notice, Acting Together

First, the public hearing about Tax Incremental Districts will be on Monday at 2:00 p.m. (not 4 as stated in the newspaper legal notice) and it's big. You can find information about each district, the proposals (26 years!) and other aspects at the City's Legistar pages. Here's the agenda with links to individual TID proposals and proposed amendments. 

Some things to consider are brought up in this article from the Institute for Local Self-Reliance. Some questions include how do they determine if a property is "blighted?" How is it determined that without government subsidies a property would never be developed? Do developers receive payments? Are the increments (difference between base property tax and improved property tax) not included for purposes of school district, technical college, county taxing? Are the increments, "being diverted from city services and used instead to pay off bonds" and payments to developers? Are there retail developments in the TIDs? Do those retail beneficiaries of subsidies pay livable wages? In light of the city's passage of a carbon zero resolution in July 2019, have all the projects and developments been assessed with respect to their carbon footprints? Are there any requirements for those receiving subsidies to hire or otherwise benefit people of color or minority/women owned businesses?

Another good source is this discussion from the Wisconsin Policy Forum about how Governor Evers' proposed changes to TIDs might affect school funding, payments to developers, and costs to communuty homeowners.

Please consider checking out the TID info and plan to attend the Tuesday meeting which will be held ONLINE at 2 p.m. From the agenda:
In an effort to keep members of the public, City staff and Committee members as safe as possible from the spread of COVID-19, City Staff highly encourages the public to submit any comments or questions in writing ahead of the meeting to Andrea Schnick at

The meeting will also be conducted through video conferencing and may be viewed and accessed with the following link: 
Members of the public will also be permitted to ask questions or provide statements via video conferencing.



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