Monday, November 09, 2020

Nominations open for King Award

Nominations Sought for the 2021

Martin Luther King, Jr. Leadership Award

Primary Contacts for questions and more information: Tracy Littlejohn/Vanessa Schmitz at or Thomas Harris at 608.780.7153.

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Leadership Award was established in 2009. The purpose of this award is to recognize leadership in and commitment to building community, enhancing diversity, and working for justice.  This award recognizes community members whose leadership include the following: 

  • Efforts are directed toward creating tangible, permanent and/or systemic positive change in the Greater La Crosse Area 

  • Efforts are focused on issues of social justice, equity, diversity and inclusion, unearned privilege (may include other justice issues that mirror Dr. King’s work, e.g., race-equity, anti-poverty, peace, nonviolence)

  • Efforts work to empower and impact next generation

  • Efforts include devoting personal energies beyond one’s “paid position”

  • Efforts to create positive change in areas outside of the Greater La Crosse Area

  • Any additional considerations or contributions

The nomination application and materials should address the above qualities in detail.

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