Tuesday, November 03, 2020


On the one hand, how can this even be a contest? Are that many of our fellow people so racist and greedy, so unconcerned about the environment and basic human rights, so in love with their stock market investments or their reverso-world christianity (did you know that "Pro Life" Wisconsin is one of the groups suing to stop COVID indoor capacity restrictions?) that they would actually vote for that guy? Along with the trump caravans, the trump police, the other trump police, the local trump police (who is going to run against this guy? Maybe THIS guy.), the trump COVID-coughers, the trump road-blockers and polling place-blockers, and more, just the thought that a pretty consistent forty percent of us are so awful and despicable, is very depressing. 

James Carville (not a fan) says it'll be a "blowout." I hope he's right.

Whatever happens, on Wednesday, there's a Protect the Results rally. If you can be there - with mask - distanced from those not in your household - please do. .

Protect the Results rally November 4th at 12:00 PM Riverside Park in La Crosse Wisconsin



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