Thursday, January 13, 2022

Climate reporter wanted


Climate Reporter

Climate change touches every Mother Jones beat. It’s a national security threat. It’s a helluva technological challenge. It’s a hot mess of partisanship. It amplifies inequalities here and abroad, while enriching the kinds of power brokers, grifters, and spin merchants we’ve always pursued.

Mother Jones is looking for a climate reporter who can translate this complex story into solid reporting that unearths wrongdoing, holds leaders to account, and explores the lives and challenges of those most affected. At the core of this beat is environmental justice.

This role will also be shaped by your unique passions. You might be an energy wonk, or obsessed with urban planning, transit, utilities, or maddening state regulations. You might be a reporter drawn to “follow the money” exposés, chasing how big-dollar interests continue to rationalize the status quo by rewriting basic science and spreading disinformation. And it’s not all grim: There are good news stories about progress and innovation. Maybe you’re especially attuned to the climate crusaders disrupting the status quo, or the grassroots efforts to make communities more resilient.

Whatever your vision for this position (and we’re excited to hear it), you’re well-sourced with a range of expert changemakers, from activists and scientists to climate entrepreneurs. And you’re eager to experiment with newsletters, social media, and being on camera or behind a mic. Most of all, you want to own this beat by combining rigorous reporting with an engaging, no-nonsense style—and the ability to craft compelling stories that are impossible to put down.

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