Sunday, November 13, 2022

Demand Action

From Indivisible:

We need Democrats to stay in session for the remainder of this calendar year so we can minimize the harm Republicans can do by:

  • Accomplishing as much legislative clean-up as possible. This means passing wildly popular bills like the Marriage Equality Act, and Electoral Count Act reforms that are ready to pass on the floor, but we know Republicans would never bring up for a vote. 
  • Preventing hostage taking in the 118th Congress. This means lifting the debt ceiling so Republicans don’t have a hostage to take next year–threatening Social Security, Medicare and the entire global economy!

Fill out this form right now and we’ll connect you to your Representative. Tell them to do everything in their power to pass as much good legislation as possible, and to protect against Republican hostage taking.


From Michael Moore, Quit Being Wimps:

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