Saturday, November 19, 2022

Help Ukrainians


The Franciscan Spirituality Center recently befriended the monastic sisters at the Dormition of the Mother of God Monastery and are partnering with them to offer this special event. All items are handcrafted, and proceeds from the sale will benefit people in Ukraine affected by the war.

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The La Crosse Welcome Circle (LWC) is a new community organization. Its goal: To assist Ukrainians who wish to temporarily resettle here in southwestern Wisconsin. Though many will return to their homeland when possible, the LWC offers peace and hope in the meantime.

The LWC is a member of HIAS, an international resettlement organization started in 1881. Most recently, HIAS aided Afghans in their resettlement all over the U.S. With its guidance, the LWC can assist Ukrainian newcomers in navigating their environment, including government programs, social services, and finding jobs and housing.

The La Crosse Welcome Circle has identified the steps needed to assure an easy transition, but we need your help in expanding the important work we do to include the rest of the Coulee Region. Our goal is to ensure newcomers are settled and on their own, including financially, within six months. Currently, Ukrainians have a two-year limit in the United States.

LWC has teamed with Couleecap, Inc., a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization, to receive donations and to disburse funds. This ensures that all donations are tax deductible and all expenses are carefully audited.
Here’s how you can help: Donate, volunteer, sponsor, provide housing or transportation. Read more at the site.

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