Monday, May 01, 2023

Bike Month NOW


It's not a toy. It's not recreational equipment. It's the most efficient mode of transportation known to man. It emits no greenhouse gases, it makes no loud noises, it's fun, and it will improve your health. It should be most people's preferred mode of transportation.

Is it safe? That is up to us. Will we continue to let electeds and planners prioritize cars over people or not? 

Cartoon by the genius Andy Singer of a planner showing a map to an audience where the car drivers have a direct route from A to B, but the bike riders have to ride a much longer route with many turns and twists to get to the same point.We want a grid of protected bike lanes and bike priority streets with direct routes to places people and families want to go. 

We want bike boxes, protected intersections, non-vanishing bike lanes, and other safety features at intersections and roundabouts so bicyclists have priority and don't have to worry about a driver not seeing them. 

We want to feel comfortable biking with our kids and grandkids, or sending them on their own bikes, to school or the park or library. 

We want covered, secure bike parking near to shops, workplaces, schools, services, and high density apartments so we don't have to worry about our bikes being vandalized or stolen.

We want employers to pay us for biking to work - the equivalent, in cash, of any parking benefit they provide to driving employees.

We want better enforcement of traffic laws so car drivers who cut us off at a corner, use their car as a weapon, or yell or throw stuff at us while we are legally riding our bikes on the street will be sanctioned and pay a penalty.

We want what they have in Copenhagen, Netherlands, Bogota, Paris, and other places where a high percentage of the population ride their bikes for everyday travel.

And we want it now.


Watch this space for a few community bike rides and audits and an announcement of a summer video challenge!

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