Tuesday, March 19, 2024

There are two Republican-approved constitutional amendment quesrions on the spring ballot. Here's what Wisconsin Common Cause says:

Both Measures Could Adversely Affect Elections

On the April 2nd Spring Election ballot in Wisconsin, in addition to contests for local offices, judgeships, school board members and other positions, the Wisconsin Legislature had directed that there were also be two constitutional amendments passed by the Republican majority in the Legislature over the last several years to be put before voters for approval or rejection.

These questions received comparatively little public attention, but they are extremely important in how they may affect elections and democracy in Wisconsin and in your ability to participate in those elections fairly and freely.

In order to help you better understand these questions and their implications we defer to election law legal and policy expert, attorney Doug Poland of the Madison law firm of Stafford Rosenbaum, and one of the founders of the public interest consortium Law Forward, which defends and prosecutes many voter rights cases. Law Forward filed the legal challenge on behalf of 19 named Wisconsin plaintiffs to the 2021-22 Wisconsin gerrymander of state legislative districts last August which ultimately resulted in 2024 Act 94 – the establishment of new, constitutional and far more fair state legislative district maps for the upcoming 2024 August primary and November general elections.

Here is how Mr. Poland ably explains the two constitutional amendment questions. (Read more at the Common Cause page).

And here's the word from the Wisconsin League of Women Voters:

No matter our race, background or zip code, Wisconsinites know that voting is a fundamental right yet a handful of politicians want to limit funding for our elections without any plan to make sure election administrators have the support and supplies they need to help voters make their voices heard.

How long we have to wait in lines to vote, how many polling locations are open, and the speed of results are all determined by how much money our state allocates to fund our elections. Vote no on constitutional amendment question 1.

Elections are a lot of work. Clerks rely on a whole host of outside experts, volunteers, and community members to make sure our elections are run smoothly and the results are accurate. A handful of politicians want to make the jobs of our election heroes even harder. That’s why we’re voting no this April on question 2!

These constitutional amendments are rooted in disinformation and a lack of consideration for voters and our hard working local election administrators. Let’s keep conspiracies out of our elections.

Vote NO this April on both constitutional amendments.

Read more about it at their website.

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