Sunday, March 03, 2024

Support REACH Center

From Coulee DSA:

The REACH Center is applying for zoning changes to increase the services they can offer.
The City Plan Commission is meeting on Monday, March 4 at 4 PM in the City Council Chambers, which are located on the first floor of City Hall, to discuss rezoning of the REACH Center. Here's the link to meeting details: 

On Tuesday, March 5 at 6 PM in the Chambers, the J&A Committee is meeting about the same issue. Link to details of that meeting: 

Please arrive ten minutes early if you intend on voicing support of REACH center rezoning at one of the meetings.

Public comments can also be emailed to City Clerk Nikki Elsen (

And here's a Tribune article that provides context to the situation:

If you cannot attend, here are other options to show your support:
  1.  Call your Council Member. Let them know you support our petition to rezone the REACH Center, allowing for building upgrades and Scenic Bluffs’ Dental services. You can find your Council Members contact information here.
  3. Submit a Statement of Support to the City Council. Let the Council know you support the good work we do here at Scenic Bluffs Community Health Centers and support our petition to rezone the REACH center as we plan to renovate for dental services to meet the growing needs in the La Crosse community.  In 2023, we served close to 1,200 La Crosse County residents, demonstrating the need for our Health Center services in the community. Rezoning will allow Scenic Bluffs Health Center to provide much needed dental services and co-locate in a building with other partners that will offer services to meet legal, housing, and other services for our patients in one location.  Emails of support should be sent to with a copy to Sending to both addresses will ensure all council members and committee members receive your email.

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