Friday, March 03, 2017

Events and Actions coming up

Saturday, March 4 is packed! The Polar Plunge, Logan Middle Bike Swap, Climate Action Fair, appearance at a private Republican party event by Senator Ron Johnson in Westby, and Spence School Garden fundraiser!

If you haven't yet signed up for these events, please do!
Saturday, March 11 - ACLU Civil Rights Protection training, Saturday, March 25 Grassroots Festival, and Thursday, March 30 WISDOM Day of Action in Madison.

This week there are local events and things to do:
On Monday, March 6, UWL Professor Emeritus Greg Wegner will talk about "Auschwitz Revisted: Perspectives from Film, Literature and History" as part of a Learning in Retirement program from 9 to 11 a.m. in the UWL Student Union. There is a charge for this program.

On Tuesday, March 7 there will be a public hearing held by the Wisconsin DOT about plans to change South Avenue from Greenbay Street to Ward Avenue. Make your voice heard.(UPDATE: Excellent article in Sunday's Tribune about WHY it is important to show up and speak up: )

Wednesday, March 8 is International Womens Day. There will be a program at UWL and that day is also a General Womens Strike (A Day without Women).

On Thursday, March 9, there's a meet and greet with Jackie Marcou, candidate for city council from District 6.

Friday, March 10 stand in solidarity with water protectors and push for DAPL divestment at a Cameron Park rally, attend a Tammy Baldwin fundraiser (ok there's no url to link to and I don't have the details so just donate online), and if you are a Democrat, please consider signing up to be on the delegate list for the Third Congressional District convention (which will make you eligible to attend the June 2 state convention where many state party officials will be elected). You must contact JD by March 10 to get on the list. UPDATE: AND there is a local fundraiser for Tammy Baldwin (if you can't afford the $50 to be there in person, you can donate online).

Will update as needed if new events come to light.

Saturday, March 11 - back to the beginning: ACLU Civil Rights Protection training

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