Monday, March 13, 2017

SATURDAY, March 18 and A Warning

Please mark your calendar for the SATURDAY, March 18 La Crosse Dems' St. Patrick's Day fundraiser & party (not Friday.) This is a party but it's also a fundraiser and it's also a preparation. We all need to be involved.

On a more somber note, here is Yale historian, Timothy Snyder, author of On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century, reminding us (the book came out in November) that we don't have time to ditz around with worrying about what color the font on the business cards is going to be.

"[W]e have to recognize that things move fast. Nazi Germany took about a year. Hungary took about two and a half years. Poland got rid of the top-level judiciary within a year. It’s a rough historical guess, but the point is because there is an outside limit, you therefore have to act now. You have to get started early. It’s just very practical advice. It’s the meta-advice of the past: That things slip out of reach for you, psychologically very quickly, and then legally almost as quickly. It’s hard for people to act when they feel other people won’t act. It’s hard for people to act when they feel like they have to break the law to do so. So it is important to get out in front before people face those psychological and legal barriers."

Read the article: Fascism will soon be on our doorstep if you don't act immediately: Yale historian.

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