Thursday, August 10, 2017

Get involved in community efforts

If you plan to help La Crosse United to Amend petition to get a referendum on La Crosse's spring ballot, please indicate your preferred training date on this doodle poll. The group will begin collecting signatures of eligible City of La Crosse voters in September. This is part of a nationwide movement to counter the unlimited flow of political spending unleashed by the Citizens United Supreme Court decision of 2012.

United to Amend is calling for a Constitutional amendment which affirms that:
  • The rights protected in the Constitution are those of individual human beings only
  • The spending of money is not speech, and political spending can be limited to allow all Americans to participate in the democratic process
If you have questions, please email

= AND = 
On Sunday, September 3 from noon to 4 p.m. La Crosse OPEN STREETS (a first annual event!) will take over streets between Burns Park and Cameron Park. Parts of Main Street, Fifth Avenue, King Street and Fourth Street will be blocked to motor vehicle traffic and that means lots of space will be available for food vendors, musicians, yoga posers, hop scotchers, merchants, dancers, neighborhood groups, chalk artists, thespians, service dogs, pedicabs, and much much more (including a pop up Protected Bike Lane demo!) It's a chance for us to experience our city space in a whole new way for a few hours and envision how life could be if we weren't so addicted to cars. Read more about it here and at the FB event page. THE EVENT NEEDS VOLUNTEERS!! If you can help (or if you want to have a table or activity at the event), please email Carolyn Dvorak (608 709-2945).

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