Thursday, February 15, 2018

Reminder: Make a Difference

If you usually work for, donate to, or vote for Democratic Party candidates, you really should be a member of the Democratic Party so you can have some say and influence on party policies, priorities, and candidates. Clearly, the messages of the past several decades have still not sunk in with current national party "leaders." To move forward, an ever rising grass roots movement must push for progressivity among candidates and future plans.

Those who are members of the La Crosse County Democratic Party or Vernon County Dems or other Third Congressional District County parties may apply to be a delegate at the March 10 Third CD convention. [UPDATED] Those who are Congressional District delegates are automatically delegates at the state convention this summer. Others may become delegates to the state convention by applying later this spring.This is where state priorities and policies are decided. This is where progressive Dems need to be.

You can sort of join online (antiquated pay system still in place) though it might be too late for new joiners who have to mail a check to apply to be CD delegates. [UPDATED]That must be done by <contact chair for deadline> by emailing chair at laxdems dot com

By the way, the first every GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE WISCONSIN DEMOCRATIC PARTY PROGRESSIVE CAUCUS will be on Saturday, March 17 in Wisconsin Dells. Anyone wishing to car pool, please email couleeprogressive at hotmail.

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