Friday, February 09, 2018

State Dem Chair in La Crosse Tuesday

from New Direction:

Our democracy is dying, but we can help save it. We can do it one step at a time, all of us working together or as individuals to elect people who share our values. We just need the ideas and tools to do it.  One way to gain these ideas and learn about possible actions is to attend our NEW DIRECTION meeting this coming Tuesday, February 13th. Here are the details:

Our guest speaker, MARTHA LANING, Chair, Democratic Party of Wisconsin (DPW), will share the changes she has made to DPW since she became chair to (1) build the infrastructure to empower the grassroots, the Party’s greatest resource, and (2) network with other Progressive partners in the state to achieve electoral victories in 2018.  In addition to that overview, she will:

·       Share ideas on how to get involved individually and collectively with DPW and other groups who support the change we all want, and

·       Answer questions so we all are better informed on how we can work together to turn our state blue.

WHAT:  NEW DIRECTION Monthly Meeting

WHEN:  Tuesday, February 13, 2018; 7-9 pm

WHERE:  Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of La Crosse, 401 West Avenue South, La Crosse, WI

Our NEW DIRECTION Vision:  “Promote and Protect our Democracy through the Values of Inclusion, Respect, and Fairness”

Our NEW DIRECTION Goal:  Provide an organization for broad-minded and compassionate persons who share our values:

1.       To support and re-elect our Democratic elected officials in as many ways as is possible

2.       To find, encourage, and help same-minded persons to become candidates for elected positions and fill other positions of leadership

3.       To share information, network, ask for help/support, and share in action-related activities and focus groups

4.       To coordinate rapid response and action to actions of others that threaten our values

5.     To share, discuss, and analyze new ideas, thoughts and opinions to promote positive actions

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