Monday, February 12, 2018

Talk to DPW chair Tuesday

First,  most in our area may vote "absentee in person" at their municipal clerk's office NOW through February 16. Contact your clerk for exact hours.  You may register there, too.  More specifics at

The DPW chair will be in La Crosse Tuesday at 7 pm at 401 West Avenue South. This is a chance for area progressives to listen and to talk. Here are a few articles to consider:

From The Intercept: Trump opponents Mis get past Dems first

From Common Dreams: Progressives working to unseat corporate Dems

From Truthout: Why aren't Black voters rewarded by the party that depends on them

From Chris Hedges: The bankruptcy of the American left

If you are a La Crosse County Dem party member (you may join now if you wish), you are eligible to apply to be a delegate at the March 10 Third Congressional District convention in Sparta.  Those who are CD convention delegates are eligible to apply to be state party convention delegates.  Change requires participation.

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