Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Public input - La Crosse Center

The Tribune reports a public input session Wednesday (5:30 to 7:30, La Crosse Center Ballroom) on plans to spend $40+ million to expand the La Crosse Center. Your input is invited.

In light of continuing dire warnings about global warming's consequences and studies showing the La Crosse Center is one of top energy hogs among local public buildings, it might be good for people attending to stress the need for any public projects to put reduction of carbon foitprint at the top of the goals list.

A remodel of the new County Admin building resulted in much greater efficiency, for example. The city is assessing several sites for possible solar installations which would reduce the use of coal and natural gas generated electricity.

The last attempt at planning a remodel of the center, stymied because of plans to overreach Riverside Park, apparently included few specific carbon reduction goals and no solar panels.

This do over on planning is a chance for the community to make clear that efficiency and reduction of climate harm should be a priority.

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