Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Ask the questions

Next month, Netroots Nation will host a presidential candidate forum. You'll be able to watch online and you may use this form to submit a question for consideration.

While no candidates are coming to Wisconsin, lots of them are criss-crossing Iowa. If you can, use the Des Moines Register's candidate tracker and head on down to ask your questions in person.

Consider becoming a health care or climate bird dog, using Bold Iowa's example.

Ask your questions locally, too. Letters to the editor are one way to encourage people to think differently, and we definitely need that in our community where the local paper's favorite opinionator is English major right wing mouthpiece Rich Lowry and a bevy of other rightists. The best sane readers who DO believe in global warming and women's bodily autonomy can hope for is an occasional tepid EJ Dionne.

Sunrise Movement has pushed the ask envelope at the DNC, too. Last time, climate was almost totally absent from the campaign. This time, most candidates have climate change positions and plans and there's still a strong and growing movement to make it THE issue for 2020.

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