Sunday, June 16, 2019

Monday Dems Potluck

Meet the new chair of the state Democratic Party, Ben Wikler, and talk about how we work for clean water, renewable energy, racial justice, LGBTQ rights and more at this annual fundraiser in Copeland Park.

The Koch machine is already working against our local state senator and state Republicans continue to block out the reality that voters elected Tony Evers on expanding health care access, funding public schools, improving the state's roads and transportation systems, and putting science back in DNR decision-making (and taking "climate change" off the banned ideas list). The gerrymandered minority, like an emergency brake stuck in the on position, is hindering progress toward the goals we all share.

So even if you're mad as hell at Nancy Pelosi or the DCCC or the DNC global warming gag rule, here's your chance to talk and plan work together on the most important issues in our community.

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