Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Change or die

Recent articles about fast approaching climate "tipping points" make the need to make immediate changes even more important.

Change how?

For one thing, we have to stop transportation emissions

That means quit driving. Not kidding. Most transportation emissions, more than any other sector, come from cars and light trucks. That's us. That's our weekend rides in the countryside, our summer camper road trip to visit the national parks, our flying about the countryside to visit the grandkids, our daily 20 mile commute, alone, in our fossil fuel car. We can do things differently and we must.

This Thursday, World Car Free Day, the MTU will offer free fares all day. Take advantage. La Crosse Area Transit Advocates offers Ride with a Guide training for new bus riders. Use this opportunity to make a change in your habits.

Yes, you can take some long distance trips without flying or driving. Buses and trains can get you to many places. Buses are going electric. Train service in our area will soon double.

Ride your bike or walk (most U.S. daily trips are under 3 miles). Push our city to increase its density and stop permitting developments with no services on the outskirts of town. Vote no on the school district's ridiculous plan to make high school students and their families drive hundreds more miles per year to get to school.

If you have to drive, get and share an electric car. Used ones are affordable for many. The costs to own and operate are much less. You will not be burnng fossil fuels. 

Come to the EV show with car and bike owners telling about their experiences and learn about how the inflation Reduction Act (IRA) can help you switch in 2023.

The IRA has many incentives, rebates, and credits for transportation, installing renewables, and reducing energy use by insulating and sealing buildings. An overview of benefits is here. Plan now to take advantage of these programs.

We are at the cliff's edge. Do what you can do as quickly as you can do it.

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