Friday, September 09, 2022

Pride moves to Logan HS

Because of the rain forecast for Saturday, Pridefest will be held at Logan HS instead of Riverside Park.


On Thursday, the climate emergency resolution passed and the "conversion therapy" ban passed. Please thank the good council members for standing strong. And please consider running for council to retire those who opposed.

These are the council members who voted against and are up for reelection in April 2023. Nomination papers will be due in early 2023. Who will run against them?

CORRECTION District 1, Andrea Richmond (abstained on ban, no YES on climate emergency) The official vote is not yet reported. The unofficial information I received was incorrect. Corrected now. Still, abstain on the ban?

District 2, Scott Neumeister

District 3, Barb Janssen

The terms for two other no voters, District 9, Woodard, and District 12, Happel, are not up until 2025.

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