Tuesday, September 06, 2022



PLEASE TAKE FIVE MINUTES RIGHT NOW to email zzcouncilmembers@cityoflacrosse.org, cityclerk@cityoflacrosse.org, and reynoldsm@cityoflacrosse.org in support of #22-0977: Resolution declaring a climate emergency, committing to policies that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and accelerating the clean energy transition, and supporting intergovernmental cooperation to reduced GHG emissions.

The original resolution, introduced in July, was withdrawn to be rewritten when some council members expressed concern that naming fossil fuels would offend some people. The new version replaces "fossil fuels," with "greenhouse gas emissions." You can read the two versions here at the cityoflacrosse.legistar.com web page.

Still, at the August 30 J&A committee meeting, there were council members indicating they would not support the resolution. Only two of us spoke/registered in favor of the resolution!

WE NEED CLIMATE ACTIVISTS to spend a measly five minutes TODAY to email council members (and the clerk so your support letter will be part of the record) to get this resolution passed. If we cannot pass a "words" resolution, how will we ever pass the "deeds" recommended in the climate action plan later this year?

You can call council members and email them. Your email doesn't have to be long. Just say, I hope you will support the climate emergency resolution. We are in an emergency and need to recommit to taking real action to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible. Or something like that.

For more information about the global effort to declare a climate emergency, please see Climate Emergency Declaration and UN Facts about the climate emergency.


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