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LaX 4 Bernie News - Fuel the Bern #8

September 25, 2015  [UPDATED 9/27 WITH YARD SIGN IMAGES - BELOW]

Feelin' the Bern in La Crescent, 9/20 (photo by Kendra)

[Note: if ever a sign up link doesn't work, just go to and search by zip code 54601.]

Ongoing Tabling Need one or two people on the following dates:

SATURDAY MORNINGS – tomorrow, 10/10, 10/17, 10/24 and 10/31 any time before 1 p.m. (like 11 to 1) AND FRIDAY 10/30 any time it's light! Sign up at Everything provided. If you want some training before you sign up, have trouble using the sign up site, or have any questions, please email Cathy.

MARCH 4 BERNIE - OKTOBERFEST TORCHLIGHT PARADE Thursday, October 1 from about 6:30 to 9 p.m. March with the La Crosse County Democratic Party. Lighted signs and shirts will be a bonus! Sign up here:

MARCH 4 BERNIE - OKTOBERFEST MAPLE LEAF PARADE - Saturday, October 3 from about 9:30 to about 1 p.m. March with the La Crosse County Democrats. This is BIG. Bring your own candy if you want to hand that out (along with your Bernie flyers - provided!) Sign up here:

DEBATE WATCH PARTY! Tuesday, October 13, time and location TBA. Let's make this July 29 x 10! Invite your friends and neighbors! Seeking large room with wifi that is not expensive. If you know of someplace, please email Cathy! RSVP here:

LETTER TO EDITOR TEAM Ongoing Write a letter to the editor in support of Bernie! Join the team to help others write their letters, write template letters for others to use, or get writing or editing advice from team members. Email to join the team or send you draft letter for editing help!


IOWA ACTION WEEKEND October 2-4. Sign up here to travel to Iowa for lit drops, canvassing, helping with organizing, making signs, setting up debate watching parties and more. I believe housing (probably a couch or living room floor) and possibly food will be provided.

PHONE BANKING FOR BERNIE Residents of NEW YORK must be registered as Democrats in order to vote for Bernie in their primary and they must register by October 9. It's critical to get a big Bernie turnout in NY because they have so many delegates to the nominating convention. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! If you can help, go here to get info, instructions, and numbers:

One side is blue
One side is white
Reminder - Bernie YARD SIGNS (not official, but union made) are available from Wisconsin organizers. Prices $5 each WITH WIRES or $4 each WITHOUT WIRES. One dollar discount per sign if we order 11+ in each category. Pay when you pick up your signs (in La Crosse). Order here by October 4!!!! [We will also be getting OFFICIAL Bernie yard signs later in October. They will cost $10 each when they arrive.]

VOTER REGISTRATION TRAINING Get trained to register voters in the City of La Crosse at a two hour session on October 20 at 5:30 p.m. in the third floor conference room at La Crosse City Hall (400 La Crosse Street). YOU MUST REGISTER BY calling Teri Lehrke, City Clerk, at 789-7556. Voter registration is a non-partisan activity, but the more people registering people to vote, the better.

THE COUNTY DEMOCRATIC PARTY will elect new officers later this year. Some of us are party members and some are not. If you aren't but would like to be, now is the time to join and help elect the candidates who understand what needs to change.


HMONG NEW YEAR (9/19-9/20) Thanks to John, James, Cathy and Cathy for tabling at Hmong New Year last weekend. Thanks to Obbie and Roz Z for working with Dr. Bee to translate some materials. Thanks, too, to donors who made the tabling and translations possible! We made several connections at this event including a couple of Hmong newspaper publishers.

KING APPLE PARADE (9/20) from Kendra We had a beautiful day for marching in the King Apple Parade on Sunday with the Houston Co DFL. We ended up with eight locals and seven more carpooling from Rochester, MN. The Rochester bunch brought a great big Bernie banner and a unicyclist - really great attention grabber! Two suggestions for others doing local parades is to have some succinct chants worked out ahead of time and a set number of times to repeat them (4-5 is good). We didn't have much candy to hand out, but stickers were a big hit. I printed sheets of address labels with the Bernie logo- had had 200 and could have used twice that at least. Our most enthusiastic parade-going supporters were high school/college kids, our group was asked to pose with our signs for several queen floats and a marching band trombonist. Our DFL hosts seemed more at ease with our number of supporters when a few volunteers offered to hold a local politician's sign as well or put their stickers on our shirts. We had a few folks ask if we had extra shirts/signs/anything for sale that day and several folks who needed paper handouts as they are not on the web at all.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR WRITING WORKSHOP (9/24) Five writers attended our first workshop. At least three and a half letters were written! We discussed scheduling and coordinating submissions, teaming up to encourage and help more letter writers, submitting letters to other regional publications, and holding future workshops. If you are planning to write a letter, want help writing one, want to join the team to help others or have any LttE writing questions, please email Get tips from the shared drive:

HELP LAX4BERNIE GROW! Do you know people in our area who want to help elect Bernie Sanders? Please have them email to be put on the mailing list and get information about local activities and opportunities to help or forward this newsletter to them.

SEEKING A COUPLE OF CO-ORGANIZERS!  It would be very helpful if two or three people could help keep our activities organized - participate in state conference calls, help set up events, help put together this newsletter, keep track of our local mailing list, etc. Having a team will help if someone is ill or otherwise unable to maintain the local organizing. If you have a few hours a week to spare on one or more of these or other organizing tasks, please email Cathy. 

COOLEST BERNIE SITE OF THE WEEK: If you missed Bernie on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, you should watch it. But this INTRO by Colbert is hilarious.

* Daily Kos Bernie News Roundup (search BNR at
* Reddit
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