Sunday, May 21, 2017

Coming up this week (and beyond)

Please note and attend these community events coming up this week!

[If your event is missing, PLEASE SUBMIT INFO FOR OUR CALENDAR! (If your stuff is only on FB, I challenge you to try getting full info from your page without a FB account. It's very frustrating!)]

Monday, May 22: At 3 pm, it's Gardening Day at the Kane Street Community Garden AND  Bluffside Neighborhood Association has a meeting at the 1st Congo at 6 p.m. AND at 7 p.m. the Uptowne Collective will have board elections: "If you or someone you know who lives, works, or owns a business in the area and would like to have your voice heard on this important change to the City's Northside Business District on Caledonia Street should attend this meeting as Board members will be elected by those who are there with discussion as well. To be nominated to be on the board please send the nomination to"

Tuesday, May 23: At 6 p.m., the Upper Northside Logan Neighborhood Association will meet at Trinity Lutheran Church AND at 6 p.m., the Washburn Neighborhood Association will meet at St. Paul's Lutheran Church (West Ave) AND 6:30 at Java Vino, join the League of Women Voters book club discussion of  "The Politics of Resentment: Rural Consciousness in Wisconsin and the Rise of Scott Walker" by Catherine Cramer.

Wednesday, May 24:  From 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. attend the City of La Crosse Public Works Open House at their facilities, 1000 Marco Drive. The event includes demonstrations, kid friendly events, and tours from participating departments - Streets, Recycling, Parks, Water & Waste Water, and Safety AND American Heart Association's Go Red for Women luncheon fundraiser AND at 5 p.m. attend State Rep. Steve Doyle's birthday party/fundraiser at Piggy's (or you can donate online - Democrat Doyle is being heavily targeted by Republicans for the 2018 election) AND at 5:30 p.m. the City of La Crosse is hosting an info session/workshop for planning for a potential Avon Street "greenway" (more friendly to bikes and pedestrians) at the Black River Beach Neighborhood Center.

Thursday, May 25: At 11:30 a.m., the La Crosse Area Diversity Council will host UW-Stevens Point professor, Maisee Yang Herr, in a talk about "Being a Female Hmong Professional."

In addition, there are a few big events coming up soon that may also be of interest to our community. 

The Wisconsin Democratic Party Convention, June 2 and 3, is in Madison this year. It's too late to attend as a delegate, but you can still attend and join the discussion about the future of the party.

The People's Summit will take place June 9-11 in Chicago hosted by an alliance of progressive groups including Our Revolution, Progressive Democrats of America, People Demanding Action, Democratic Socialists of American, and others. "We envision this Summit as further deepening the relationship between participating organizations rooted in principled anti-corporate politics, development of community leaders, direct action not based on partisan identification, and strategic organizing to build power. The Summit itself will include plenary and workshop sessions devoted to key issues such as the Fight for 15, mass incarceration and criminal justice reform, voting rights and expanding democratic participation, a tax on Wall Street speculation to fund human needs and jobs, climate justice toward a sustainable economy, improved Medicare for All, the fight for free and debt-free higher education, secure retirement through expanding social security, ending HIV/AIDS, achieving Constitutional pay equity for women, and ending deportations and support for DREAMers, among others." Speakers include Sen. Bernie Sanders, Naomi Klein, Roseann DeMoro, and Shaun King.

The 28th Annual Midwest Renewable Energy Association Fair will be in Custer, Wisconsin June 16-18. Now in its 28th year, The Energy Fair brings people together to learn about clean energy and sustainability, connect with others, and take action towards a sustainable future. The Fair features interactive workshops, exhibitors, live music, inspiring keynote speakers, family fun, great local food, and more. (This year there will be a second fair in Minneapolis in September, too.)

Our Wisconsin Revolution Founding Convention will be held in Stevens Point on June 23 and 24.
We begin Our Wisconsin Revolution with a bottom-up, grassroots organizing process because we believe in cultivating the popular democracy we seek to realize in the government of our state. This will lead to local chapters and a founding convention. We will generate the input and feedback from the people who will join Our Wisconsin Revolution as members, activists and leaders to shape the organization and its work. The product of this participatory organizing process will be put up for adoption at our founding convening.Following the organizing process and adoption of an organizational structure, governing rules, platform and program at our founding convening, we will carry forward the direct work of building the political revolution in our state and building Our Wisconsin Revolution.

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