Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Another bad mine

This comes from Our Wisconsin Revolution - Wisconsin:

Are you sick of our government and corporations putting corporate profit ahead of the healthy of our families, communities, and environment? What about the continuing disrespect and disregard for Native Indigenous sovereignty?

There is still time to join with the Menominee Nation and the Wolf River OWR Chapter in their fight against the Back 40 Mine in Michigan. (Read more at NOBack40 - ed).

Please take a few minutes to submit a comment against the wetlands permit for the Aquila Back 40 mine. Go to this link and click "add comment!"

Please fill in your name and contact information. You are welcome to include any information about the Back 40 that you feel comfortable sharing. At the state level, we are concerned with the pollution of the wetlands and Menominee River (every open pit sulfide mine ever in operation HAS polluted the nearby environment). That's right, there's never been a "clean" open pit sulfide mine. That probably makes intuitive sense to you! There is also conflicting and inadequate information about pollution and dust sediment in Aquila's applications.

You can read up about the project and why the Menominee Nation and others are in opposition. Please go here for more information.

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration,

Our Wisconsin Revolution

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