Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Background and a request

First, if you plan to attend Thursday's 6 p.m. meeting at 724 Main Street regarding the removal of the "Big Indian" statue in Riverside Park, you may want to read this very important history of a real and shameful La Crosse area removal. Perhaps an historical marker commemorating that removal (similar to this one) would be a more fitting tribute to the people whose land Riverside Park is on than a cartoonish lump of painted concrete (no matter how well intentioned its creator).

Now, a request.

Paul Cienfuegos will be the main speaker at the Feb. 3 Progresstival. He is a leader, educator and trainer in the Community Rights movement.

There is a possibility that he will be able to do a three-hour introductory workshop on the following Sunday, February 4 (different and separate from the Progresstival.)

I am looking for a SPACE in which to hold a Community Rights training from about 1 to 4 p.m. on Sunday afternoon, February 4. If you are connected to a church, community group, or organization that has a meeting space that could hold about 30 people (more or less) and would be available on that date and times, please email. I need to let him know soon whether or not this will happen. Just need a room with tables and chairs - no wifi, no kitchen.

If you would be interested in helping get the word out about such a training (if it can be set up), please email.  More info will be posted here as things develop.

We do have limited table space available for the SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 3 PROGRESSTIVAL  from 2 to 5 p.m. at the Concordia in La Crosse. If your group or organization has not yet signed up, please email. We are asking for a nominal donation for tabling space to help cover the cost of facility rent.

After the Progresstival, some people are planning to continue the conversation with our main speaker at another venue - dinner and discussion. We are considering the Brickhouse for this "after event" but need to know how many people might be interested. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, PLEASE LET US KNOW. This is not a commitment by you - just a show of hands so we can figure out whether or not that venue will work.

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