Friday, August 14, 2020


A couple of local activists just contacted me about the crisis with the USPS. Even as Trump's henchmen remove sorting machines and mail boxes around the country, Congress is going on vacation. By the time they return there may not be any Post Office left. Yet local news, a main source of information for many people, has said nothing about it.

Tomorrow from 9 to 11 a.m., we are going to stand by the PO (masked and distanced) with SAVE THE USPS! Congress must reconvene! and other eye-catching signs in hopes that more attention will be paid right now while there's still time to act.

Some states are taking action because messing with elections for state candidates is against state laws. Dogged reporting in Montana has awakened bi-partisan action there. But with Congress on vacation who knows what irreversible damage can be done? It's only taken the new Postmaster General a few weeks to drastically slow mail delivery and cause the PO to send notices to several states that ballots may not be delivered in a timely manner.

If you can't make it tomorrow (kind of late notice) then let's go there every morning to draw attention to this murder - of the PO and of our ability to vote - before it's too late.h

Save the Post Office. Contact Congress - tell them to return from vacation and save the PO. Contact the Board of Governors.

Hundreds of US mail sorting machines are being taken out of service, VICE and CNN report

Donald Trump and his Postmaster General are sabotaging democracy

New Jersey Congressman seeks grand jury probe of Trump PO moves

Dozens of Montana USPS drop boxes removed

USPS confirms removal of dozens of public mailboxes from Oregon cities

Trump officials could face criminal charges for USPS sabotage 




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