Wednesday, February 16, 2011



Last Friday, word got out that Governor Scott Walker was going to introduce a "Budget Repair" bill that would end public employees' union rights. Since then, protests small and large (and getting larger) have been spreading around the state, especially at the state capitol.

For info on the THURSDAY BUS go to AFT Wisconsin.

Now, look, Scott Walker did not think this up on his own. In fact he and other Republican governors got together shortly after the election in a strategy conference hosted by the Republican Governors Association to see who could go for the biggest cuts (I can only imagine how THAT went. This bit was particularly chilling: "Of the incoming GOP governors, Wisconsin's Mr. Walker appears among the most zealous in his cost-cutting proposals. In an interview, he ticked off an array of proposed pay freezes, changes to health-care funding and reduced benefits to state workers").

(But first, "Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker has violated the state of Wisconsin's campaign finance laws 1,115 times since 2009 by failing to disclose information about contributors." Ok, now on with the story.)

It wasn't just governors who met in San Diego. That three day event also included many lobbyists and rightie groups. I'm just saying, if you were PAYING ATTENTION, this would not have been a surprise!

Now, let's look into the crystal ball and see what the next targets will be:

* Ok, this one's already out of the bag - One university to rule them all

* Bye, bye Badgercare - Hello death panels

* Anti-birth control agenda (and all that implies)

* Family planning? Nope.

Well, it's kind of getting depressing. More tomorrow. Time to make posters.

[Oh and VOTE KLOPPENBURG FOR WISCONSIN SUPREME COURT - It's going to be verrrrry important. More soon.]

PLEASE WATCH THE ED SHOW - Scott Walker EXPOSED. "Walker's cuts would lead to the loss of 9,000 private sector jobs and cost the state about $111 million in lost tax revenues."

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