Monday, February 21, 2011

The fight continues

FIRST - watch this: A Simple Solution to Wisconsin's Budget "Crisis"

Tonight's town hall meeting at the Hmong Community Center was big. The parking lot was packed as was the meeting hall. What was most encouraging to me was the range of people attending.

Remember, if you can, go to Madison - check for bus info or car pool. If you can't make it there, think about paying for a pizza or a party platter of subs for those who are there day and night. Or go through Madison food delivery service.

What's happening in Madison

Senator Erpenbach fears the Republicans will attach the anti-union legislation to an unrelated (like voter id) bill that they may take up as early as Tuesday (for which they do not need any Dems).

The Madison Labor Council (SFCL) authorizes call for national general strike if anti-union bill is enacted.

Police would use force if ordered.

"Miracle on the Hudson" co-pilot Jeff Skiles is in Madison supporting the protesters.

Coming up in La Crosse:

WEDNESDAY - Rally at La Crosse City Hall, 5 p.m.

Kapanke recall? Watch this space next week.

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