Thursday, February 10, 2011

Keep on truckin'

Nearly a year has passed since the last post on this blog. For some reason, we are busier than ever even as it seems our commitments have lessened. But progressive issues continue to need attention and action, so, while there may not be time to update the headlines daily or all the events (you CAN put your own events on the calendar yourself!) at least we can put the word out about actions requiring immediate attention.

If YOU would like to post events here, please email couleeprogressive.

For now:

YOU CAN VOTE NOW for the February 15 primary. In La Crosse, go to the City Clerk's office and you can vote right there. (More info.) David Prosser is the Republican-connected incumbent (originally appointed to the court by Tommy Thompson) who has been getting lots of ad time paid for by the right-wing Club for Growth and other independent rightie groups. Any of the other candidates would be better unless you want crap like this and worse to continue. Here's a chance to change the balance of the court.

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign invites you to take part in a CITIZEN VIGIL AT THE STATE CAPITOL. The vigil will continue on February 22, the next day the legislature is scheduled to be in session. You can sign up online.

CapX2020 moves forward and it's not just informed citizens who want to stop it. Read this excellent article from the Winona Post about problems CapX2020 is having with the Wisconsin Public Service Commission. Among others, the Wisconsin DOT has concerns about how the proposed routes will impact the Great River Road National Scenic Byway.

Public employee unions are under attack. Despite FACTS showing that public employees earn, on average, LESS THAN private sector employees, Republicans are determined to get rid of unions in our state. It's too late to unelect the villains elected by the uninformed, but at least we can do what we can to counter the propaganda. When was the last time you wrote a letter to the editor? Maybe it's time!

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