Friday, February 25, 2011

Reading Is Fundamental

readingThere have been so many great articles published about this issue, so many GREAT articles, I thought I would share the links. I might print some of these out to pass around on the bus tomorrow, too. Share with your friends and family.

1. Wisconsin taxpayers do NOT pay for state workers' benefits! David Cay Johnston is a Tax Analysts' columnist. The Washington Monthly calls him "one of the country's most important journalists"

2. Scott Walker's War a wonderful and heartbreaking article by Bill Lueders, Isthmus

3. Koch prank no laughing matter by Mary Bottari

4. Budget Despair Bill Facts and Figures - mountains upon mountains

5. It's the Inequality, Stupid from Mother Jones, one of the greatest mags ever (complete with eye-popping graphs)

6. Really, this should be #1. I've been forwarding this to everyone I know or barely know or don't really know. What Conservatives Really Want by George Lakoff

There's so much more, but start with these. Maybe I can update after tomorrow's rally.

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